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Application For Linux Foundation Project Status

By July 7, 2020No Comments

The GenevaERS has applied for incubation status under the Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project.

The application can be viewed here.

To graduate from Incubation Stage, or for a new project to join as an Active Stage project, a project must complete the proposal process plus:

  • Have committers from at least two organizations.
  • Have achieved and maintained a Core Infrastructure Initiative Best Practices Badge.
  • Explicitly define a project governance and committer process.
  • Have a public list of project adopters for at least the primary repo
  • Complete a code licensing scan to ensure licensing is inline with the OMP guidelines
  • Elect or appoint a project lead to represent the project on the TAC
  • Receive a supermajority vote from the TAC to move to accepted stage.