GenevaERS Architectural Direction Update

By Architecture

Based upon the Active Project Status achieved in August 2021, the project team reviewed and updated it architectural direction. The following slides give a sense of progress made to date on the Spark Integration Efforts.

Main conclusions continue to be:

  • Code conversion of existing GenevaERS to Java for pre-processing increases product consistency
  • Spark adds significant capabilities to the tail-end of the GenevaERS Performance Engine, perhaps replacing the GVBMR88 Summarization Engine
  • Approaches for this integration require further development:
    • File based approaches may be more simple to code, but can Spark be configured to skip its Map phase?
    • Streaming integration may allow for reduced IO, but perhaps increase integration complexity.

The continued open Friday R&D Session (typically noon ET) will progress thinking on these points.

The following is a video extract of the Technical Steering Committee review of the slides which follow,

Extract of GenevaERS Technical Steering Committee Architecture Update Discussion

Here are the slides used in the discussion: