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What is GenevaERS?

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GenevaERS rapidly produces many outputs while efficiently reading large volumes of data only once.

Its reliability and performance is proven.

GenevaERS is extensible, and adding more reports does not affect the performance. These are easily developed using a graphical interface.

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You can try out our demo of GenevaERS by downloading and installing our demo on your mainframe

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Architectural direction and roadmap

The original version of GenevaERS is exclusive to the mainframe. The future architecture of GenevaERS will allow processing on multiple platforms.

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Project News

GenevaERS is designed to deal with the problem of efficiently reporting on large volumes of transactional data where the data Read more
On August 12, 2021, the Technical Advisory Committee of the Linux Foundation's Open Mainframe Project approved GenevaERS's promotion from an Read more
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The GenevaERS project is teaming up and providing support for two other Open Mainframe Initiatives; Polycephaly and the Open z/OS Read more