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We are working under the the Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project. There are many benefits to this including a standardized method of running and contributing to an open source project. Below is information that will allow you to participate in the GenevaERS project.

Some of the links below will open in another page, or take you to an external site


Standing Meetings


Meeting cancellations are announced via the GenevaERS Slack channel

When clicking on the meeting links below, you will be presented with a page to create an account. This is optional; personal Zoom meeting links are no longer required

There is an international meeting every Tuesday from 8 – 9 PM US central via Zoom via link

There is a weekly Research and Development (R&D) meeting scheduled for Fridays at noon US eastern via Zoom via link





Want to join the project? Check out our onboarding document.



Using Git to Contribute to the Project


New to Git? These resources will help you with with the basics. Don’t worry if you don’t understand right away or make mistakes; we’ve been there.


Note, many of the examples and tutorials use commands via a shell / command line. If you prefer using an interface, options are available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.


What and why is Git and Github? – via the Git Handbook


Git the Simple Guide which includes links to interfaces


Computer Stuff They Didn’t Teach You #4 – Git 101 Basics YouTube video 33:49 minutes


A Beginner’s Guide to the most Frequently used Git Commands



Advanced Git Concepts Required to Contribute Project Repositories


Computer Stuff They Didn’t Teach You #5 – Git Pull Requests explained
YouTube video 21:09 minutes