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GenevaERS Architectural Direction Update

By September 6, 2021June 29th, 2022No Comments

Based upon the Active Project Status achieved in August 2021, the project team reviewed and updated it architectural direction. The following slides give a sense of progress made to date on the Spark Integration Efforts.

Main conclusions continue to be:

  • Code conversion of existing GenevaERS to Java for pre-processing increases product consistency
  • Spark adds significant capabilities to the tail-end of the GenevaERS Performance Engine, perhaps replacing the GVBMR88 Summarization Engine
  • Approaches for this integration require further development:
    • File based approaches may be more simple to code, but can Spark be configured to skip its Map phase?
    • Streaming integration may allow for reduced IO, but perhaps increase integration complexity.

The continued open Friday R&D Session (typically noon ET) will progress thinking on these points.

The following is a video extract of the Technical Steering Committee review of the slides which follow,

Extract of GenevaERS Technical Steering Committee Architecture Update Discussion

Here are the slides used in the discussion: